Economic sectors

  • A. Extractive sectors including mining, oil and gas. 

  • B. Natural and built infrastructures including ecosystems.

  • C. Ocean-based sectors, including shipping and fisheries.

Cross-cutting themes

  • 1. Special challenges faced by developing countries, in particular least-developed countries and small island states. 

  • 2. Accounting for the multiple values and benefits of nature, in laws, policies and planning for sustainable development. 

  • 3. Coordination of governance across jurisdictional boundaries, including along transnational supply and value chains.

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  • Applied research—characterised by iterative stakeholder consultation, academic-practitioner and action research, qualitative content analysis, descriptive statistics, legal and regulatory scenario development for software models (energy, transport, ecology, land use), review and integrative use of evidence across natural and social sciences. 

  • Education, training and outreach—curriculum design and delivery (undergraduate, graduate), research supervision (graduate, doctoral), short course design and delivery (for public and private sector clients); capacity building in low and middle income countries (for public sector clients), public speaking, event convening.  

  • Leadership—development of institutional research and stakeholder engagement strategies, chairing and lead-authoring of international research partnerships, line management of small research teams, development of funded research programmes as principal or co-investigator.  

  • Advisory—legal and policy advice, instrument design and drafting (legal, regulatory, policy), facilitation of multi-stakeholder discussions.

  • Technical—Design and administration of online collaboration and content management platforms, graphic design and visualisation, formative interest in the application of machine learning to qualitative research.

Previous Clients and Partners

Include: national governments and public bodies in Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia — Global Legislators Organisation — United Nations Environment — European Commission — Global Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Institute — Nordic Council of Ministers — United Nations Environment International Resource Panel — International Maritime Organisation — Global Environment Facility — Commonwealth Secretariat — African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States — Pew Charitable Trusts — Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission — WWF.